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PlanetScale Managed overview


Deploy PlanetScale in your Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Platform account with our PlanetScale Managed plan.

What is PlanetScale Managed?

PlanetScale Managed is a single-tenant deployment of PlanetScale within your Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Google Cloud Platform (GCP) account. In this configuration, you can use the same API, CLI, and web interface that PlanetScale offers, with the benefit of running entirely in your own AWS or GCP account.

We have packaged the best parts of PlanetScale into a container and can deploy and operate them in your own account, bringing you the best of SaaS with the added benefit of a deployment free of noisy neighbors, enhanced support, and additional security guarantees.

With PlanetScale Managed, it is more than just an on-premises deployment of your database; you are getting the PlanetScale expert team operating your database alongside your team for a truly fully managed database solution. The PlanetScale team is on-call for your databases.

How does PlanetScale Managed work?

PlanetScale Managed is a packaged data plane, built on Vitess and Kubernetes, that's deployed to an AWS sub-account or GCP project that you own and we operate. Your database lives entirely inside a dedicated sub-account or project within your cloud organization. PlanetScale will not have access to other sub-accounts or projects nor your organization-level settings within the cloud service provider. At the same time, you still get to interact with your databases through the web application, pscale CLI, or the PlanetScale API, as you usually would with our hosted product. This includes developer experience features such as non-blocking schema changes, safe migrations, database branching, query insights, and more.

If you are an existing PlanetScale user, moving to PlanetScale Managed requires no changes to your existing developer workflows.

The database is deployed in a single-tenant environment and isolated in a sub-account in AWS or project in GCP from the rest of your organization's infrastructure. By default, all connections are encrypted, but public. You have the option to use private database connectivity through AWS PrivateLink or GCP Private Service Connect, which are only available on single-tenancy deployment options, including PlanetScale Managed.

Read more on how PlanetScale Managed works inside either cloud provider:

Benefits of PlanetScale Managed

Single-tenancy is one of many benefits when it comes to PlanetScale Managed. Still, with this PlanetScale Enterprise service, you also get:

How do I get PlanetScale Managed?

If you are interested in seeing if PlanetScale Managed fits your needs, contact us, and we can chat more about your requirements and see if PlanetScale Managed is a good fit for you.

Need help?

Get help from the PlanetScale support team, or join our GitHub discussion board to see how others are using PlanetScale.

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