CNCF Webinar Series – Vitess: Running Sharded MySQL on Kubernetes
July 16 @ 10:00 am - 11:00 am PDT

Turbocharge MySQL in the Cloud with

We run the world's most scalable database clusters with Vitess.

The Vitess Powerhouse

At the heart of PlanetScale lies Vitess: the open-source MySQL sharding solution we co-created that helps you scale horizontally like NoSQL with the reliability of MySQL.

  • Scale Massively

    Vitess combines many important MySQL features with the scalability of a NoSQL database. Its built-in sharding features let you grow your database without adding sharding logic to your application.
  • Improve Performance

    Vitess automatically rewrites queries that hurt database performance. It also uses caching mechanisms to mediate queries and prevent duplicate queries from simultaneously reaching your database.
  • Auto Failover and Backups

    Vitess handles functions like master failovers and backups. It uses a lock server to track and administer servers, letting your application be blissfully ignorant of database topology.
  • Manage Shards

    MySQL doesn’t natively support sharding, but you will likely need it as your database grows. Vitess saves you from having to add sharding logic to your app and also enables live resharding with minimal read-only downtime.
  • Gain Connection Pooling

    By multiplexing application queries onto a pool of MySQL connections, Vitess optimizes performance by eliminating the high-memory overhead of MySQL connections.
  • Cluster Workflows

    Vitess keeps track of all of the metadata about your cluster configuration so that the cluster view is always up-to-date and consistent for different clients.

Sign Up for our Early Beta

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