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PlanetScale is the only serverless database platform you can start in seconds and scale indefinitely.

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All power, no pain

Built on MySQL and Vitess, the same database technology that powers household names.


Deploy requests
Live database branches

Branching for your database. Get database copies to use with a code branch or a new environment.

Non-blocking schema changes

Database migrations are as easy as pushing code. No locks, no hassle.

Built for busy people

No vacuuming, no rebalancing, no scaling, no query planning, no downtime. Just pure Vitess-backed awesomeness.

From idea to IPO

Vitess was already built to last, we just made it fun to use

Serverless to hyperscale

The PlanetScale platform is based on Vitess, powering Slack, Square, GitHub, YouTube, and more.

Enterprise reliability

High availability, global distribution, and disaster resilience out of the box.

Trusted and secure

SOC 2 type II compliant. Configurable authentication, user access management, and always-on data encryption.

Serverless database in an instant

Get an infinitely-scalable database online in seconds and never think about database servers again.

Beautiful, modern tooling

PlanetScale is designed to be as beautiful and consistently easy to use as it is reliable. In other words, get ready for a whole new level of UX, worthy of the most important piece in your application stack.

Best. CLI. Ever.

Everything you’d want to control from the CLI, actually controllable by the CLI. And lots of great stuff you’d never think possible, too.

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