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PlanetScale pricing

Our plans scale with you. All plans include:

  • Daily backups
  • Automatic failover
  • Enterprise-grade security


Scaler Pro

Choose the compute and memory resources for your needs

1. Choose your cluster size

1/8 vCPU and 1 GB RAM

2. Choose your region

3. Enter your database size

Estimated total:$39/month
  • Unmeteredrow reads and writes
  • Autoscaling storage includes replicas
  • Deployed across 3 availability zones
  • 1 production branch included with 2 replicas for high-availability
  • 1,440 development branch hours per month included
  • Automatic backups every 12 hours, 2 days retention included
  • Standard Support included


Enable sharding and clusters with up to 64 cores and 256 GB RAM per shard

Custom pricing

Starts at $3,000/month

Contact us
  • Custom pricing based on usage or resources
  • Custom reads and writes
  • Unmetered connections
  • Horizontal sharding
  • Deploy via Multi-tenant, Single-tenant, or in your AWS or GCP account
  • Business Support included


The Hobby plan is not available in your location

$0 per month
  • 1 billion row reads per month
  • 10 million row writes per month
  • 5 GB storage included
  • 1 production and 1 development branch

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Cost comparison

Comparing PlanetScale vs. AWS

“PlanetScale was an easy choice for us on the technology and support alone. However, we were also able to generate meaningful savings on our AWS bill and reinvest that into growing our business.”

Todd BermanCTO, Attentive

“Migrating from AWS to PlanetScale was painless. Since moving, we’ve experienced significant improvements in reliability, scalability, and productivity.”

Andrew BarbaCTO, Barstool Sports
PlanetScaleAmazon Aurora
Horizontal sharding available with no application-level changes required; standard scaling available (vertical or read replicas)Standard scaling (vertical or read replicas)
Technically unlimited16,000 for the MySQL primary
Native caching available with PlanetScale Boost, requires no configuration or cache invalidationMySQL query cache is not available in Aurora 3 (MySQL 8) or Aurora Serverless v2
2+ replicas per production branch in different availability zones
  • Hobby: 1 replica per production branch in a different availability zone
  • Scaler Pro: 2 replicas per production branch across multiple availability zones
  • Enterprise: As many as you need
Up to 15 replicas per primary across availability zones
Unlimited with horizontal shardingOnly 1 available
Automatic, pre-validated
  • Hobby: Every 24 hours
  • Scaler Pro: Every 12 hours
  • Enterprise: Custom frequency
Requires user input, then automatic
All operational tasks are fully managed, such as automatic version upgrades, configuration, and more with the support of database expertsResponsible for some operations
Development branching of your schema (and optionally data)Blue/green deployments with downtime during switchover and no switchback
Schema change workflow
Native, fully-online, Git-like functionality3rd-party or manual configuration, instant DDL for limited set of operations
Zero downtime migrations
Online schema changes built-inUnavailable natively
Schema recovery
Revert schema changes natively with no downtime or data loss between changesBacktrack restore to a point-in-time
PlanetScaleAmazon Aurora
ConnectionsTechnically unlimited16,000 for the MySQL primary
PrimariesUnlimited with horizontal shardingOnly 1 available
BackupsRequires user input, then automatic
ManagedResponsible for some operations
Schema change workflow
Zero downtime migrationsOnline schema changes built-inUnavailable natively
Schema recoveryBacktrack restore to a point-in-time

Frequently asked questions

How are rows read and rows written calculated on the Hobby plan?

Every time a query retrieves a row from the database, it is counted as a row read. Every time a row is written to the database, it is counted as a row written. Learn more.

Can I upgrade my Hobby plan database to the Scaler Pro plan?

Yes, you can upgrade your Hobby plan database to the Scaler Pro plan at any time.

Can I downgrade from the Scaler Pro plan to the Hobby plan?

Scaler Pro databases cannot be automatically downgraded to the Hobby plan. If you need assistance with your database, please contact support.

Will I be charged for usage and storage for database branches?

Yes, usage across all of your database branches is included in your plan limits.

What happens if I exceed the usage and storage limits for my Hobby database?

Databases that exceed the Hobby plan in usage or storage without current billing may experience degraded service. Learn more.

Can I change my cluster size at any time on the Scaler Pro plan?

Yes, you can change your cluster size at any time, on your own, online, without dropping client connections. It will take a few minutes to complete.

Do you offer any Scaler Pro annual plans with discounts?

Contact us for more information on annual plans.

Straightforward pricing that scales

PlanetScale offers plans built for the needs of your application. Spend less time managing your database and more time on your business.