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PlanetScale features

What is PlanetScale?

PlanetScale is a MySQL-compatible database that brings you scale, performance, and reliability — without sacrificing developer experience.

With PlanetScale, you get the power of horizontal sharding, non-blocking schema changes, and many more powerful database features without the pain of implementing them.

PlanetScale dashboard
Familiar workflows

Branch schema like you branch your code.

No compromises

Unlimited scale and high database performance — you don’t have to choose.

Read-only regions

Support globally distributed applications with read-only regions.

Zero downtime imports

Get started in minutes. Keep your existing database running while we do the import.

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Unlimited scale and high database performance.

Keep sharding logic out of your application with our underlying architecture. MySQL connection limits are a thing of the past with PlanetScale built-in connection pooling and edge infrastructure.

Deploy Requests

Bring the DevOps workflow to the database.

Deploy your schema to production with no locking or downtime with non-blocking schema changes. Roll back problematic schema changes instantly without data loss.


Branch your database like you branch your code

Say goodbye to staging environments. Data Branches™ give you an isolated copy of your database in the cloud.


Unlock new velocity

Successfully connected
Connected to prod-db on

Performing initial import from external database

users4,123 rows imported
pull_requests254,998 rows imported
issues844 rows imported
954,123 / 954,123 rows
Import your data

Bring over your current data. No downtime. Like magic.

Data imports get you up and running with a simple move from your existing database to a PlanetScale database. Free of worry from downtime, data loss, or complicated migrations.

  • Keep your existing database running while we do the import
  • No data loss throughout the entire import
  • Convenient dashboard tool that requires no tedious exporting
The last database you’ll ever need

Your business deserves a predictable database.

Never worry about another 3am wake-up call saying the site is down. Give your engineers the power they deserve with a PlanetScale database today.