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PlanetScale for enterprises

Let us scale your database.
You scale your business.

The most reliable way to scale your MySQL database in the cloud.

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Scale with the database experts

Don’t wait until it’s too late to decide to scale your data. Rely on the database that is built on software that has scaled the world’s biggest companies. Get ahead of your future scale today.

Developer workflow

Accelerate development

Your developers love PlanetScale. With our unique branching workflow, there is no need for cumbersome internal orchestration to make sure you don’t hurt production. Get automated and seamless schema changes out of the box and fully integrated with your database using the programming languages your developers already know.

Horizontal scaling

Scale at your fingertips

With PlanetScale your developers have more tools to scale. PlanetScale gives your dev teams unlimited numbers of database shards (horizontal scaling) and unlimited client connections — all without adding complexity to your application.


Battle-tested technology

Don’t let your data layer take down your business. Rely on the tech used by GitHub and everyone who needs to truly never lose a write to their database. MySQL has been reliable forever, now it’s also easy to manage.

Case studies

What we’re doing for our customers

Enterprise cloud pricing

Introducing resource-based pricing for organizations.

Ignore all the other pricing. No matter what you need, we can put together a quote for you.