PlanetScale Rewind

It’s fine, Rewind.

Never worry about reverting a schema change in production again. Rewind gives you the power to revert a migration with no downtime and zero data loss. Game-changing.

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Safe schema reverts with a time-travel machine.

Normal migration changes require spinning up extra resources, scheduling downtime, or mitigating unplanned downtime from unforeseen downstream effects. PlanetScale Rewind allows you to retain the active state of the database while reverting a schema migration.

PlanetScale uses Vitess to identify all of the data that was added, modified, or deleted after a deploy request introduces a breaking change. Replicas and real-time awareness keep your production database clean.

Instant recovery

Need to revert a schema change? After deployment, you have 30 minutes where you can hit the “Revert changes” button on the Deploy Request page to immediately start the revert.

Zero data loss

Vitess’ VReplication allows PlanetScale to commit changes after your deployment to both schemas, ensuring no writes are lost when you rewind to your previous state.

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Worry-free velocity

Rewind enables a peace of mind never possible before. For the first time, your engineering team can sprint without worrying about MySQL downtime.

Feeling destructive?

Break something on purpose. We dare you.

Get started with PlanetScale, import your MySQL database, introduce some errors, and Rewind the deployment! Tweet us a screenshot of Rewind in action or share about a time that Rewind would have helped you and we will send you a limited edition VHS PlanetScale t-shirt.This giveaway is US only while supplies last.
Void where prohibited; one per household.

The last database you’ll ever need

Your business deserves a predictable database.

Never worry about another 3am wake-up call saying the site is down. Give your engineers the power they deserve with a PlanetScale database today.