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PlanetScale Insights

Never miss a bad query

Monitor and debug long running queries without leaving the PlanetScale application. View 100% of your active queries.
No random sampling. No 3rd-party software required.

Select a branch to analyze

Identify long-running queries on production branches.

Find problems in real time

Tag queries inside your app and drill down to find problems

No 3rd-party software required

Fully-integrated and real-time insights within PlanetScale.

PlanetScale anomalies dashboard
Improve performance

Deliver consistent performance for your users

Leverage metrics like query latency, queries per second, and rows read/written to improve performance and serve better end user experiences.

By taking advantage of PlanetScale Insights, Attentive’s team is less distracted by performance issues and putting out downtime fires.

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Intelligent schema recommendations

Automatically receive recommendations

Receive daily recommendations to improve database performance, reduce memory and storage, and improve your schema based on production database traffic. Apply, test, and deploy recommendations with a few clicks.

With schema recommendations inside of PlanetScale Insights, you will automatically receive recommendations such as adding and removing indexes, dropping unused tables, and preventing primary key ID exhaustion.

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PlanetScale anomalies dashboardDetect anomalies

Find the queries that slow you down

PlanetScale Insights detects when your queries run slower than expected. Insights shows you the query that triggered the anomaly, when it happened, and any impact to database metrics like CPU utilization or IOPS.

Smart query monitoring

Smart anomaly detection knows the difference between expected query latency (like planned runs of slow-running queries) and unexpected slow performance so you don’t get false-positives.

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Integrated workflow

Up to 1000x
in just a few clicks

Find a slow query pattern using PlanetScale Insights and accelerate performance with PlanetScale Boost. No TTLs, no invalidation logic, and no caching infrastructure to maintain.

Your business deserves a
predictable database.

Never worry about another 3am wake-up call saying the site is down. Give your
engineers the power they deserve with a PlanetScale database today