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PlanetScale deploy requests

Schema changes with zero table locking, downtime, or outages

  • Request a deployment of schema changes for review and approval
  • Identify conflicts with production schema prior to merging
  • Automatically check for possible data loss and in-use tables
  • Online schema changes with zero downtime
  • Revert schema changes with no data loss

Create deploy request

Identify conflicts with production schema prior to merging.

Review, comment, and approve

Propose schema changes and get feedback from your team.

Deploy non-blocking schema changes

Merge schema changes to production, and roll back if needed.

Protect your production database

Discover schema conflicts before merging

Be notified if a conflict exists with your proposed schema change. Never wait for schema changes to deploy to learn that production was impacted.

Never impact production

Revert bad changes,
lose zero data

After deployment, you have 30 minutes where you can hit the “Revert changes” button on the Deploy Request page to immediately start the revert.

Your business deserves a
predictable database.

Give your engineers the power they deserve with
a PlanetScale database today.