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PlanetScale branching

Zero-downtime migrations and schema protection

Spin up isolated instances to validate schema changes before theyget to production. Similar to how you branch your code.
Reimagined database management

Version control for your database

PlanetScale’s branching boosts productivity and collaboration by enabling developers to work on different database versions simultaneously, minimizing conflicts, streamlining collaboration, and mitigating downtime.

We wanted PlanetScale to bring to MyFitnessPal what Kubernetes brought to application delivery and employment. With branching, our engineers deploy schema like they do code, deliver it live, and PlanetScale handles the transition seamlessly.

Chris Karper
Engineering Director, MyFitnessPal

Branch your schemas like code

Intuitive Git-like workflow to spin up isolated testing environments for schema changes.

Non-blocking online schema changes

Merge schema changes without table locking, and roll back if needed.

Make changes, experiment, or run CI

Experiment with new ideas and features without impacting your production database.

Mitigate downtime

Merge without table locking or downtime

Alter schema without taking your database offline or interrupting normal operations.
Identify errors

Prevent erroneous schema changes

Enable safe migrations on a production database branch to prevent erroneous schema changes from being pushed to production.

Test, build, and deploy at lightning speed

Automate branching in CI workflows

Automate database schema changes by simply opening and merging a pull request. Aligned with the Git-like model developers are familiar with.

No more fear and avoidance
of schema migrations

Never worry about another 3am wake-up call saying the site is down. Give your
engineers the power they deserve with a PlanetScale database today