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PlanetScale Support

Overview of PlanetScale Support

PlanetScale believes all our users, from those running small databases to those running large, mission-critical workloads, deserve to get the help they need.

We are committed to providing the following support options.




  • Available upgrade for Enterprise Plan customers
  • Enhanced email and web ticketing support
  • Additional options for technical account management, Slack-based support, and phone escalation
  • Mission-critical response times including continuous support coverage
  • Enterprise Response Times
  • Contact Sales for pricing information

Initial response times


Tickets must be submitted through web ticketing to be eligible for response times.

12x5 means from 6am to 6pm Pacific Standard Time (UTC -8), Monday through Friday, excluding public holidays in the United States.

Standard support includes a target first response time of 2 business days.

Support planP1 (Urgent)P2 (High)P3 (Normal)P4 (Low)
Standard (Scaler Pro)12x512x512x512x5
Business (Optional Upgrade)1 hour (24x7)4 hours (24x7)1 business day (12x5)2 business days (12x5)
Enterprise (Optional Upgrade)15 minutes (24x7)1 hour (24x7)4 hours (12x5)12 hours (12x5)

Ticket priorities


P4 (Low)

One or more of:

  • General platform and workflow questions
  • Feature requests
  • General product feedback

P3 (Normal)

One or more of:

  • Partial, non-critical loss of functionality of the PlanetScale platform. Users are able to continue using core platform functionality.
  • A non-production application running against the PlanetScale platform is impaired or down.
  • There is a partial, non-critical loss of use of the platform with a medium-to-low business impact. Short-term workaround is available.

P2 (High)

One or more of:

  • A production application is experiencing performance issues due to the PlanetScale platform.
  • Intermittent issues and reduced quality of service for significant features.
  • Operations can continue in a restricted fashion, although long-term productivity might be adversely affected.
  • A temporary workaround is available for an issue that was previously a P1 (Urgent).

P1 (Urgent)

One or more of:

  • Production applications are down due to the PlanetScale platform and no workaround is immediately available.
  • A complete loss of ability to serve queries, commit transactions, or a significant feature impacting production workflows is completely unavailable.
  • All or a substantial portion of your data on PlanetScale production branches is at significant risk of loss or corruption.
  • A confirmed security incident has been identified.

PlanetScale Support has the ability to update a ticket's priority if it does not generally match these guidelines.

Need help?

Get help from the PlanetScale support team, or join our GitHub discussion board to see how others are using PlanetScale.

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