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PlanetScale CLI commands: ping

Use the PlanetScale CLI “ping” command to measure the latency to PlanetScale's public regions from your terminal.

Getting Started

Make sure to first set up your PlanetScale developer environment. Once you've installed the pscale CLI, you can interact with PlanetScale and manage your databases straight from the command line.

The ping command

This command allows you to see the latency between your machine and PlanetScale's public regions.


pscale ping

Available flags

-h, --helpView help for ping command
-n, --countNumber of total pings. (default 10)
-p, --providerOnly ping endpoints for the specified infrastructure provider. Possible values: aws, gcp.
--concurrencyNumber of concurrent pings. (default 8)
--timeoutTimeout for a ping to succeed. (default 5s)

Global flags

--api-token <TOKEN>The API token to use for authenticating against the PlanetScale API.
--api-url <URL>The base URL for the PlanetScale API. Default is
--config <CONFIG_FILE>Config file. Default is $HOME/.config/planetscale/pscale.yml.
--debugEnable debug mode.
-f, --format <FORMAT>Show output in a specific format. Possible values: human (default), json, csv.
--no-colorDisable color output.
--service-token <TOKEN>The service token for authenticating.
--service-token-id <TOKEN_ID>The service token ID for authenticating.



pscale ping


----------------------------- --------- ------------------------------------------------ -----------
AWS us-west-2 34.6ms optimized
AWS us-west-2 34.8ms direct
GCP us-central1 57.5ms optimized
GCP us-central1 57.9ms direct
AWS us-east-2 60.5ms direct
GCP us-east4 69.2ms direct
AWS us-east-1 70.2ms direct
GCP northamerica-northeast1 80.9ms direct
AWS ap-northeast-1 116.6ms direct
GCP asia-northeast3 149.5ms direct
AWS ap-southeast-2 150.9ms direct
AWS eu-central-1 154.4ms direct
AWS eu-west-1 157.2ms direct
AWS sa-east-1 179.5ms direct
AWS ap-southeast-1 189.4ms direct
AWS ap-south-1 243.1ms direct
AWS eu-west-2 670.5ms direct

Need help?

Get help from the PlanetScale support team, or join our GitHub discussion board to see how others are using PlanetScale.

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