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PlanetScale CLI commands: connect

Use the PlanetScale CLI “connect” command to secure connection to a database branch for a local client from your terminal.

Getting Started

Make sure to first set up your PlanetScale developer environment. Once you've installed the pscale CLI, you can interact with PlanetScale and manage your databases straight from the command line.

The connect command

This command creates a secure connection to a database branch for a local client.



If there is only one branch available on the database, you can leave off <BRANCH_NAME>.

Available flags

--execute <COMMAND>Run the specified command after successfully connecting to the database.
--execute-env-url <ENV_VAR_NAME>Environment variable name that contains the exposed Database URL. Default is DATABASE_URL.
--execute-protocol <PROTOCOL>Protocol for the exposed URL (by default DATABASE_URL) value in execute. Default is mysql2.
--hHelp with the connect command.
--host <HOST>Local host to bind and listen for connections. Default is
--org <ORG_NAME>The organization of the database you want to connect to.
--port <PORT>Local port to bind and listen for connections. Default is 3306.
--remote-addr <ADDRESS>PlanetScale Database remote network address. By default, the remote address is automatically populated from the PlanetScale API.
--role <ROLE>Define the access level with a role

Available roles for the --role flag are:

  • reader
  • writer
  • readwriter
  • admin

Global flags

--api-token <TOKEN>The API token to use for authenticating against the PlanetScale API.
--api-url <URL>The base URL for the PlanetScale API. Default is
--config <CONFIG_FILE>Config file. Default is $HOME/.config/planetscale/pscale.yml.
--debugEnable debug mode.
-f, --format <FORMAT>Show output in a specific format. Possible values: human (default), json, csv.
--no-colorDisable color output.
--service-token <TOKEN>The service token for authenticating.
--service-token-id <TOKEN_ID>The service token ID for authenticating.


The connect command with --execute flag


pscale connect <DATABASE_NAME> <BRANCH_NAME> --execute 'node app.js'


This command connects to the specified PlanetScale branch and runs the node app.js command. Since no --execute-env-url flag was passed, it uses the default DATABASE_URL environment variable. You can find a full example of this in our Node quickstart.

Need help?

Get help from the PlanetScale support team, or join our GitHub discussion board to see how others are using PlanetScale.

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