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Import tool public IP addresses

List of the IP addresses you must allow when importing a database using the Import tool

When importing a database using our Import tool, you need to grant a set of IP addresses access to your MySQL database so that PlanetScale can make the connection.

The set of IP addresses that you should use depends on the region of the PlanetScale branch that you're importing to. You can find this under the "Region" field in the "New database" section of the Import tool.


This IP reference guide is meant to be used in combination with our Database Import guide or one of our platform-specific guides under "Migration guides" in the left nav.

RegionIP Addresses

AWS us-east-1 (N. Virginia)

AWS us-west-2 (Oregon)

AWS eu-west-1 (Dublin)

AWS ap-south-1 (Mumbai)

AWS ap-southeast-1 (Singapore)

AWS ap-northeast-1 (Tokyo)

AWS eu-central-1 (Frankfurt)

AWS ap-southeast-2 (Sydney)

AWS sa-east-1 (Sao Paulo)

AWS eu-west-2 (London)

AWS us-east-2 (Ohio)

GCP us-central1 (Council Bluffs, Iowa)

GCP us-east4 (Ashburn, Virginia)

GCP northamerica-northeast1 (Montréal, Québec)

GCP asia-northeast3 (Seoul, South Korea)

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