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Why is database creation temporarily halted?

The site is experiencing higher than normal traffic and we have temporarily halted database creation.

Is my application still connected to my PlanetScale database?

Absolutely! You just can’t create any new branches or databases at this time. All existing databases and branches are still deployed. Additionally, you can still make changes to existing developer branches and deploy them using the deploy request feature.

Does this affect the data in my databases?

No, the databases you have deployed in PlanetScale, and any data they contain, are not impacted by this change.

Only branch and database creation has been temporarily halted. We apologize for the inconvenience and we're working to get things ready again.

How will I know when it's safe to create new branches or databases again?

When you return to our site, the banner mentioning "temporarily halted database creation" will no longer be there.

You can also check out our status page.

Need help?

Get help from the PlanetScale support team, or join our GitHub discussion board to see how others are using PlanetScale.

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