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PlanetScale pricing was designed for transparency and scalability.


PlanetScale applies billing plans at the database level. You can create several databases under one Organization. The usage charges will be scoped to each database, which you can find all together in the billing section of your Organization. Each plan is further broken down in the PlanetScale plans documentation.


We used gibibytes, otherwise known as binary gigabytes, to calculate storage and usage limits. For reference, 1 binary gigabyte is equivalent to 2^30 bytes.

Organization usage and billing page

Each organization has its own billing page available for administrators, from which you can:

  • View your current and previous usage per database
  • Enter/update your credit card information
  • Activate coupons
  • Add/update your business address, Vat ID, and other information shown on invoices
  • Download current and previous invoices

To find your billing page:

  1. Go to your PlanetScale dashboard
  2. Select the organization whose billing page you want to view
  3. Click on "Settings" in the top nav
  4. Click on "Billing" in the side nav

PlanetScale invoice details

Invoices provide line items for both usage and discounts received. Each line item shows both metric and database branch level granularity.

For example, you may have the following line items:

  • Rows read for main branch
  • Rows read for your-test-branch
  • Rows read for main branch read-only region

In addition, storage per branch may have the following line items:

  • Storage usage per GB
  • Prorated discounts, if the branch existed for a smaller time period than the billing period
  • Storage totals for each read-only region

Storage is prorated by a percentage equal to the existence of a branch's hours/billing period in hours.

Download an invoice

To download an invoice, go to your billing page (Organization > Settings > Billing).

You'll see a table of current and previous monthly invoices. You can download an invoice by month by clicking the "Download" button. This will send you to a Stripe invoice page, where you'll have the option to download the complete invoice in PDF format, see invoice details, or download your receipt.

To see more details about your billing from the PlanetScale dashboard, click the "View details" button on the Billing page next to the month you want to view. This will show you an overview of the charges for all of the databases in your organization.


PlanetScale generates both current and past invoices. Even for the free plan! You can see the cost had you not been on the Hobby plan.

Payment methods

All plans, including the free Hobby tier, require your organization has a valid payment method on file. You can use a debit or credit card, but we do not accept pre-paid cards.

It's possible to use the same card for multiple organizations, but only after the card has been used to successfully pay for a database in the first organization. This is one way that we enforce the limit of one free hobby tier database per individual or company.

Using coupons

You can redeem a coupon in the PlanetScale dashboard. To redeem a coupon, you must first enter your credit card information. Once you have a credit card on file, go to your Organization Settings page, click "Billing", click "Redeem a coupon" on the right, enter your coupon, and click "Redeem coupon".

You may incur additional costs if your usage continues beyond the period, dollar amount, or any other metrics specified in the coupon terms. Additional costs will be charged to your card on file. If you have any questions about the terms of the coupon, please reach out to our Support team.

How do coupons affect invoices

You will see your coupon reflected in your monthly invoice. Go to "Settings" > "Billing" > and select the invoice for the month(s) where your coupon was active. You will see a note at the top of the invoice similar to this:

Amount reflects your $xx.xx discount with code YOURCOUPONCODE

Need help?

Get help from the PlanetScale support team, or join our GitHub discussion board to see how others are using PlanetScale.

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