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The same PlanetScale, now hosted in your AWS cloud account.

PlanetScale is in the AWS Marketplace

A MySQL-compatible, serverless database that enables you to horizontally shard MySQL to scale beyond a single instance. Get all of the developer-friendly features that make managing the database safer and easier like Branching, Insights, Revert and more in your AWS cloud account.

With PlanetScale Managed, you get:

  • Full control and ownership of your database in your own AWS account
  • Deploy in any region(s) with three availability zones
  • Private database connectivity
  • Ability to horizontally scale with built-in sharding

PlanetScale is an official AWS Partner.

Fully managed MySQL-compatible database platform

Scale with zero downtime

Deploy your PlanetScale database into your existing AWS cloud account. Get the same PlanetScale with all of the scale and developer-friendly features.

PlanetScale is built on open source Vitess

Built-in horizontal sharding

Scale beyond a single instance and keep sharding logic out of your application with our underlying architecture.

Mitigate application downtime and data loss

Easier and safer to manage

Avoid downtime with in-product safeguards like non-blocking schema changes, deploy requests, and schema reverts.

Improve application performance

Query monitoring and caching

Monitor and debug queries without leaving PlanetScale with PlanetScale Insights. Use PlanetScale Boost to boost select queries up to 1,000× at the click of a button to improve application performance.

Data within the boundaries of your infrastructure

Maintain control of your data

Your data will reside in your AWS cloud account, so there is no loss of control. Audit and feel safe having it within the boundaries of your infrastructure.

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Explore PlanetScale in the AWS Marketplace

Get started with a PlanetScale database today

Never worry about another 3am wake-up call saying the site is down. Give your engineers the power they deserve with a PlanetScale database today.