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Introducing PlanetScale Boost

Up to 1 000× faster queries in just a few clicks with our groundbreaking caching technology.

Introducing PlanetScale Boost

I am excited to reveal our latest product, PlanetScale Boost, which makes your application’s queries up to 1,000× faster in just a few clicks. Building responsive, modern software often requires painful, tedious, error-prone caching logic to hide the latency of an expensive SQL query. Instead, PlanetScale Boost makes the queries you choose faster, with no additional logic and no infrastructure to operate and maintain.

This may seem too good to be true, but it’s here today. Find a slow query pattern using Insights and activate PlanetScale Boost with the click of a button. In about a minute, infrastructure is deployed that begins to cache the results of the slow queries you choose. As rows are inserted, updated, and deleted in the database, the cache is kept up-to-date in real-time, just like a read replica. No TTLs, no invalidation logic, and no caching infrastructure to maintain. Like the rest of PlanetScale, it is MySQL-compatible and works for a broad range of queries, including those with joins and aggregates like count or sum.

Starting today, we’re allowing a select group to preview the product in a limited beta. Below you can sign up for the waitlist and see a quick demo video. As we know some of you are intensely curious, we’ll reveal more about the inner workings of PlanetScale Boost in a series of engineering blog posts, kicking off with “How PlanetScale Boost serves your SQL queries instantly” by @vmg.

Our genuine hope in building this product is that you’ll never have to write and maintain tedious caching code again because your database will be fast enough on its own.

To learn more about PlanetScale Boost, check out the Query caching with PlanetScale Boost documentation.

Sign up for the PlanetScale Boost limited beta