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PlanetScale Boost is now available to everyone

PlanetScale Boost is now in public beta — up to 1,000× faster database queries with just a few clicks.

PlanetScale Boost is now available to everyone

The wait is over. PlanetScale Boost can make your application's queries up to 1,000× faster in just a few clicks, and today we’re swinging open the doors to the world. Building responsive, modern user experiences often requires cluttering your backend code with tedious, error-prone caching logic to hide the latency of costly SQL queries. With PlanetScale Boost, you get the performance your users demand without TTLs, complex invalidation logic, or extra caching infrastructure to maintain.

Every SQL query is more time your users spend waiting, and it can feel like an eternity for a summary table or complex multi-join query to run. Instead, find these patterns using PlanetScale Insights and activate PlanetScale Boost for boostable queries. Within seconds, our infrastructure goes to work. It decomposes and inverts your query pattern into a mapping the cache uses to automatically track inserts, updates, and deletes in real-time. As queries come in, they are matched and routed to the cache. As data changes, the cache is kept in sync.

Like the rest of PlanetScale, it is MySQL-compatible and works with many common query patterns, including queries with joins and aggregates like COUNT and SUM. Once configured inside PlanetScale, clients can enable cached queries on a connection with a single USE statement.

To get started with PlanetScale Boost today, see our documentation on how to use PlanetScale Boost, which includes documentation on what scenarios work best with PlanetScale Boost.