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New PlanetScale pricing: Scaler plan upgrades and our new enterprise plan

We’ve updated our database plans to better meet your needs

New PlanetScale pricing: Scaler plan upgrades and our new enterprise plan

In May of this year, we launched PlanetScale, the database for developers, to easily use developer workflows on top of Vitess, the database technology that powers hyperscalers. From the outset, a goal of ours has been to make pricing transparent and friendly to users.

We never want you to be surprised by a bill.

The initial reception to this structure has been fantastic, with over 8,000 databases created in our free tier since May. We are dedicated to always refining and making things even simpler. To this end, we’ve gathered feedback and updated our pricing to make it clearer and even more generous so you can start using PlanetScale now and never stop.

Developer and Scaler plans


Update: The Hobby plan (previously known as Developer) was deprecated on April 8th, 2024.


Update: The Scaler plan has now been deprecated in favor of the resource-based Scaler Pro plan.

For our Scaler plan, we’re massively expanding the amount of included storage and usage.

  • The first 25GB of storage are included, then billed at $1.25/mo per GB
  • The first 500 million row reads are included, then billed at $1.50/mo per 10 million rows read
  • The first 50 million row writes are included, then billed at $1.50/mo per 1 million rows written

Our Scaler plan is billed per database and costs $29 per month, plus any additional usage and storage over the included limit. It includes all of the Developer plan features, plus more:

We’re also simplifying our free Developer plan. The Developer plan now includes 10GB storage, 100 million row reads per month, 10 million row writes per month, and up to 1,000 connections.


You are limited to one free database per organization.

The Developer plan allows you to get up and running with a free PlanetScale database in seconds. And once you outgrow the free plan, the upgrades we’ve made to the Scaler plan should keep you going for a while. Our intention with the Scaler plan upgrades is to give you a fantastic baseline offering with affordable options to grow with us.

You can find more information about the Developer and Scaler plans on our Billing documentation page.

Enterprise plan updates

We’ve also added a resource-based Enterprise plan for organizations with larger databases. This plan includes enterprise features like:

  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Custom audit log retention
  • Unlimited database branches
  • Built-in horizontal sharding
  • Premium support
  • And more

Stay tuned for more updates to our Enterprise offering early next month.

We’d love to hear from you! If you have any questions or feedback on our pricing updates, please contact us at

Try it out

You can sign up for a PlanetScale account now and spin up a new database that scales indefinitely, thanks to the power of Vitess, in just seconds.

Happy developing!