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The ultimate MySQL database platform

PlanetScale is the world’s most advanced, fully-managed MySQL database platform.

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Why PlanetScale?

Remove database distractions

Focus on your business, not your config scripts

We used to check the AWS dashboard practically nightly. We don’t want to be DevOps experts. We want to always focus on making our product better.

Andrew Barba | CTO, Barstool Sports

Compare PlanetScale and Amazon Aurora

Amazon Aurora
Horizontal sharding available with no application-level changes required; standard scaling available (vertical or read replicas)Standard scaling (vertical or read replicas)
Technically unlimited16,000 for the MySQL primary
Native caching available with PlanetScale Boost, requires no configuration or cache invalidationMySQL query cache is not available in Aurora 3 (MySQL 8) or Aurora Serverless v2
2+ replicas per production branch in different availability zones
  • Scaler Pro: 2 replicas per production branch across multiple availability zones
  • Enterprise: As many as you need
Up to 15 replicas per primary across availability zones
Unlimited with horizontal shardingOnly 1 available
Automatic, pre-validated
  • Scaler Pro: Every 12 hours
  • Enterprise: Custom frequency
Requires user input, then automatic
All operational tasks are fully managed, such as automatic version upgrades, configuration, and more with the support of database expertsResponsible for some operations
Development branching of your schema (and optionally data)Blue/green deployments with downtime during switchover and no switchback
Schema change workflow
Native, fully-online, Git-like functionality3rd-party or manual configuration, instant DDL for limited set of operations
Zero downtime migrations
Online schema changes built-inUnavailable natively
Schema recovery
Revert schema changes natively with no downtime or data loss between changesBacktrack restore to a point-in-time
Amazon Aurora
ConnectionsTechnically unlimited16,000 for the MySQL primary
PrimariesUnlimited with horizontal shardingOnly 1 available
BackupsRequires user input, then automatic
ManagedResponsible for some operations
Schema change workflow
Zero downtime migrationsOnline schema changes built-inUnavailable natively
Schema recoveryBacktrack restore to a point-in-time
The new database paradigm
PlanetScale Dashboard

Get a high-level overview of your database with current performance metrics, slow queries, storage usage, and recent schema changes.

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PlanetScale Insights

Monitor your query performance in real-time inside your database. See data on 100% of your queries. No third-party software is required.

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Insights Anomalies

Smart query monitoring detects slower than expected queries. Shows you the query that triggered the anomaly, when it happened, and any impact to database metrics, like CPU or IOPS.

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Schema recommendationsNew

Receive daily recommendations inside Insights to improve database performance, reduce memory and storage, and improve your schema based on production database traffic.

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PlanetScale Boost

A real-time query cache that automatically handles cache invalidation for you with one line of code. No TTLs and no caching infrastructure to maintain.

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Branch your database the same way you branch your code. Spin up isolated database instances to validate schema changes before they get to production.

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Deploy Requests

Online schema changes with no table locking, downtime, or outages with a built-in approval workflow. Automatically checks for possible data loss and in-use tables and columns.

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Schema reverts

Never worry about reverting a schema change in production again. Revert a schema migration with no downtime and zero data loss.

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Managed infrastructure

Stay focused on building your applications while we handle the networking infrastructure, load balancing, automatic backups, automatic failover, and software updates.

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PlanetScale’s field-tested DNA

Built on the world’s most scalable open source database

Vitess started at Google to scale to billions of users with ease and efficiency. PlanetScale brings you the value of world-class database expertise without the pain of implementing powerful features yourself.

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Vitess powers the largest sites on earth

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  • AirBnB
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and hundreds more

Invested in innovation

PlanetScale employs the core team of Vitess maintainers.

The database that works for you

The predictable, powerful MySQL database platform