PlanetScale is the world’s most advanced MySQL platform

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Powered by open source tech

Built at Google to scale to billions of users, Vitess is the world’s most scalable open source database.

Databases are hard. We would rather PlanetScale manage them. Our team wants to focus on helping our customers meet their health and fitness goals, not the database servers.

Chris Karper
Engineering Director, MyFitnessPal

Connect and scale

PlanetScale is compatible with all major frameworks and languages. No matter your stack, you can scale with us.


PlanetScale Boost

Up to 1,000× faster queries
with our groundbreaking caching technology

  • In just a few clicks, PlanetScale Boost makes the queries you choose faster.
  • Find a slow query pattern using Insights and activate PlanetScale Boost.
  • No TTLs, no invalidation logic, and no caching infrastructure to maintain.
Learn more about PlanetScale Boost

Find problems
in real time

Fully integrated and real-time insights into your database performance. No third-party application monitoring platform required.

  • Deliver consistent performance for your users by finding poor performing queries in seconds
  • Better understand your billing usage through visibility into how many rows your queries scanned
  • Tag your queries inside your application and drill down to find problems

Real-time performance feedback.

PlanetScale hits all three things that matter to me as an engineering leader: A system I can trust, cost structure that scales with me, and a huge boon to my team’s overall effectiveness.

Todd Berman
CTO, Attentive
`id` bigint unsigned
`email` varchar(255)
`admin` tinyint(1) DEFAULT
+ `role` varchar(255),
`created_at` datetime
`updated_at` datetime
Schema diff

Review your schema changes

Visualize schema changes as code.

Schema revert

The world’s first data migration time machine

Roll back problematic schema changes instantly without data loss.


Database performance metrics at your fingertips

Visualize the impact of your deployments.

Migrating from Amazon RDS to PlanetScale was painless and since moving we’ve experienced significant improvements in reliability, scalability, and productivity.

Andrew Barba
CTO, Barstool Sports

Scale to the edge

Northern Virginia (us-east-1)
Reads: 4k rows/s
Singapore (ap-southeast-1)
Reads: 36.2k rows/s
Mumbai (ap-south-1)
Reads: 27.3k rows/s

Quickly add regions from our ever-growing list.

Add region

Create read-only database regions to support globally distributed applications and better serve your users worldwide.

  • Low operational overhead: Spin up as many regions as you need with the click of a button
  • Lower database read latency by reducing the geographic distance between your users and reading data

Your data,
wherever you need it

Make your PlanetScale data accessible across your organization by safely extracting and loading data from PlanetScale into other databases, such as BigQuery, Snowflake, or Redshift.

  • Extract data to other sources
  • Supports analytical workflows

Extract, load, and transform your data.

The enterprise-grade security and privacy practices your data deserves.

Data Imports

Migrate to PlanetScale in
three simple steps

Successfully connected
Connected to prod-db on

Performing initial import from external database

users4,123 rows imported
pull_requests254,998 rows imported
issues844 rows imported
954,123/ 954,123 rows
  • Keep your existing database running while we do the import
  • No need to dump data or restore from backup
  • Migrate fully online with no downtime

You’ve done all the work already.
Let us take it from here.


Manage your database
without leaving the terminal.

Connect to your PlanetScale database with a fully functional shell for importing data, querying, and more.

  • Control your workflow
  • Create databases, branches, deploy requests, and more from the command line
  • Hassle-free database connection with `pscale connect`
brew install planetscale/tap/pscale

Our “database.” hats are pretty cool, too.

The last database you’ll ever need

Your business deserves a
predictable database.

Never worry about another 3am wake-up call saying the site is down. Give your engineers the power they deserve with a PlanetScale database today.