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Quick deploys using the Web Console

Deploy a TypeScript app using the PlanetScale Vercel integration and Web Console

Quick deploys using the Web Console

Before today, if you preferred doing everything in a visual interface or GUI, you may have found it difficult to run SQL commands with PlanetScale. The current setup for running SQL commands against your PlanetScale branches includes assumptions, such as command line knowledge and CLI expertise, that are not friendly to some users. At PlanetScale, we are constantly thinking about different ways to improve the developer experience with our product, and today, we continue that tradition by introducing a web console. The web console can be found on your database branch page.

You can now go through the database branch lifecycle using just the website, no need to switch between apps to connect to your database branch and run commands.

We’ve built in friendly error messages, for example, running an ALTER/CREATE/DROP command on a PlanetScale production database branch.

Here’s an example workflow where I deploy a TypeScript application using our Vercel integration and the web console.

The workflow walks through:

  • Using the PlanetScale integration to create and connect a PlanetScale database to your Vercel application
  • Inserting tables into your database branch using the web console
  • Deploying your database branch

Give it a try, and let us know what you think!