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Introducing the Vantage and PlanetScale integration

The Vantage + PlanetScale integration is now available.

Introducing the Vantage and PlanetScale integration

We are excited to announce that you can now connect your PlanetScale account to Vantage to sync all your invoice data with the new Vantage + PlanetScale integration.

What is Vantage?

Vantage is a cloud cost observability platform that allows you to analyze, understand, and report on your organization's cloud costs.

Now, with the PlanetScale integration, you can include your PlanetScale databases in your cost reporting. With Vantage, you can create budgets, set up alerts, monitor tagged resources, receive cost recommendations, and more.

Getting started with the Vantage integration

Visit the Vantage + PlanetScale integration page to learn how to get started. You can also find this information in the PlanetScale documentation.