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Introducing the Issues Calendar for GitHub Projects

Use this open source GitHub integration to view your GitHub project issues in a customizable calendar.

Introducing the Issues Calendar for GitHub Projects

This project has no affiliation with GitHub. We created this calendar integration to improve our internal process workflow and thought it could be useful to others, so we’re open sourcing it!

A few months ago, the Developer Education team at PlanetScale moved our work from a standard project management tool to GitHub projects exclusively. While this move brought our work closer to the code and content we create all the time, there was a glaring issue with how we were going to visualize when content was scheduled to go live. Items on a calendar can provide one of the best visual aids when it comes to discovering when things are scheduled and making decisions on when the next item should be scheduled.

A calendar view for GitHub projects

Using the GitHub GraphQL API and several other open-source React libraries, we built the Issues Calendar for GitHub Projects, a way to view the issues tied to GitHub projects as a calendar in the browser. Integrating it with GitHub’s OAuth system allows users to quickly sign in using their existing GitHub credentials and import projects they already have access to.

With this integration, we’re able to take the PlanetScale Developer Education GitHub project and map it to a calendar, as shown below.

Any issue that has a due date assigned to it will show up in the calendar.

Projects registered within the tool are shared by anyone who has access to the web application, and calendar cards can be displayed by project or broken down further by project milestone. Additionally, users can customize the visibility of the calendars displayed on their user login as well as select between a number of colors to distinguish calendars within the main view.

Open-sourcing the Issues Calendar for GitHub Projects

We’ve been using this tool internally for several months now and have gained a ton of value from it, so today we are releasing it for anyone to use. All instructions are provided within the project’s main README, including details on configuring the PlanetScale database and GitHub OAuth app required. Head over to the Issues Calendar for GitHub Projects repository and give it a try!

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