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Introducing PlanetScale Managed on AWS and GCP

Deploy PlanetScale in your AWS or GCP account with our Enterprise PlanetScale Managed plan.

Introducing PlanetScale Managed on AWS and GCP

When the PlanetScale beta was released in May of 2021, we initially set out to launch on a shared tenancy model where databases from different organizations run in separate processes while sharing compute resources.

Shortly after our beta launch, we saw high demand from organizations with regulatory requirements and compliance constraints that prohibited them from running in a shared tenancy model. It was clear that we needed to offer a single-tenancy model as well.

For these customers who require a single-tenancy option, we now offer an alternative that allows you to use PlanetScale’s database workflow and management functionality from inside your own cloud network and accounts: PlanetScale Managed.

Single-tenant deployment on AWS and GCP with PlanetScale Managed

In this configuration, you're able to use the same API, CLI, and web interface that PlanetScale offers, with the benefit of it running on your own AWS or GCP account. We have packaged the best parts of PlanetScale into a to-go container and delivered them to your own account; bringing you the best of SaaS with the added benefit of a deployment free of noisy neighbors.

PlanetScale Managed is available for deployment on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

How does it work?

PlanetScale Managed is a packaged data plane, built on Vitess and Kubernetes, that’s deployed to an AWS or GCP sub-account that you own and we operate. Additionally, it is available in any AWS region with at least 3 Availability Zones, even ones we don’t offer in the hosted product!

We offer private database connectivity via AWS PrivateLink for AWS accounts or Private Service Connect for GCP accounts.

You and your team will interact with your databases through, as you normally would with our hosted product, without requiring any changes to pscale tooling or Continuous Integration workflows.

Benefits of PlanetScale Managed

Single-tenancy isn't the only benefit when it comes to PlanetScale Managed. With this premium, white-glove service, you also get:

How do I get PlanetScale Managed?

If you're interested in enhancing your development workflow and planning for long term scale with PlanetScale Managed, click here to set up time to talk with our database experts.

We’d love to talk about your team’s needs and how PlanetScale Managed can meet them.

You can also read more in the PlanetScale Managed documentation.

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