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Improvements to database branch pages

Learn about some of the latest enhancements we made to the Branching page in the PlanetScale dashboard.

Improvements to database branch pages

Branching is a core part of the PlanetScale workflow, and we've just released some updates to improve the experience.

All of the information about a branch is now visible on a single page. Production and development branches each have their own unique improvements.

Your schema front and center

Navigating to the schema page for your branch no longer requires an extra click. Individual tables can be expanded and collapsed and you can easily search by table name. When you're looking at a production branch, you will also see the size of each table.

Regions are shown on the side along with a button for quickly opening a web console session.

Development branch diffs

Development branches now show a diff of what has changed relative to its parent. The changed tables are shown above the other tables, making it convenient to reference while opening a deploy request from the sidebar.

These are just the beginnings of some updates we have in development for making branches more configurable for different use cases. As always, we'd love to hear your feedback on Twitter or our GitHub discussion board.

Want a performant MySQL database that branches, scales, and reverts?