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Driven by change

Our mission is to build horizontally scalable systems that are also transactional in nature.

Who We Are

  • Jitendra Vaidya

    Cofounder & CEO

    Jiten has over 25 years of experience as a software engineer and manager. He was one of the first engineers to transfer from Google to YouTube. He carried a pager for YouTube, and built stability and automation around MySQL. He has also worked at the United States Digital Service and Dropbox. Jiten enjoys reading and hiking in his spare time.

  • Sugu Sougoumarane

    Cofounder & CTO

    Sugu is the co-creator of Vitess, and has been working on it since 2010. Prior to Vitess, Sugu worked on scalability at YouTube and was also part of PayPal in the early days. His recent interest is in distributed systems and consensus algorithms. He occasionally shares his thoughts on his blog.

  • Dan Kozlowski

    Minister of Engineering

    Dan is widely known for his outstanding BBQ and pie. He is also the creator of the multi-award winning smoked chili and grandmaster emeritus of the most prestigious chili competition on the east coast of the US. Dan is an accomplished gardener with a thorough understanding of fruit trees. His specialty is apple trees, however with his relocation to Silicon Valley, citrus trees are now his passion. Bike riding is a favorite pastime of Dan's and he has a goal to ride to Alice's up Rt 9. Dan served as a technologist in two presidential administrations, helped with technology modernization for both large and small companies, wrote software to control aircraft carriers, and has been an early stage engineer at a startup. He is intimately familiar with the internals of the linux kernel and the MySQL codebase, but is still looking for the first patch to submit upstream.

  • Adrianna Tan

    Senior Product Manager

    Adrianna is an experienced business and product leader with a proven track record in starting and scaling businesses, especially in Asia. Previously, she was at Wobe, Silicon Straits, Pozible, Yelp, Uber, Pen to Pixel and elsewhere where she led product, fundraising and marketing. Adrianna is passionate about cycling, running overland travel, hiking, single malt whisky, craft beer and cooking. Adrianna played role in market entry strategy and execution for many global companies entering Asia. On the side, she also founded and continues to run an education non-profit in India teaching girls to code. The team's newest transplant to the Bay Area, she is having fun exploring the trails and vineyards of California with her family. One day, she will learn how to drive.

  • Lori Clerkin

    Executive Assistant

    Lori has been an early employee at companies such as CATS Software, Yelp, and Slide, which was acquired by Google. Lori then spent over seven years at YouTube and Google, working with the Video infrastructure, Infrastructure and Site Reliability Teams. Lori actively trains for marathons/triathlons, and loves spending time with her pets Rocco (a retired racer greyhound), and Coco and Sawyer, her two rescued cats. When not training or watching the Bachelor, she is reading about her favorite artists or planning to see them live.

  • Deepthi Sigireddi

    Software Engineer

    Deepthi is an experienced software developer and manager. She has worked for small, medium and large companies in the past and is enjoying her first foray into the Silicon Valley startup world. She lives in Reno, Nevada and enjoys hiking the trails around Reno in her spare time.

  • Abhi Vaidyanatha

    Software Engineer

    Abhi is a fresh graduate from UCSB holding degrees in both Mathematics and Economics. Previously working for Lockheed Martin and the Department of Economics at UCSB, he holds theoretical and applied experience in data science, machine learning, and academic research. In his spare time he is a DJ, podcast host, and competitive Super Smash Bros. player. He particularly enjoys barrel-aged beer, good pour-overs, and unnecessarily spicy food. He is a staunch advocate of semicolon usage, Oxford commas and overused grammar jokes.

  • Vitalii Stoian

    Software Engineer

    Vitalii is a seasoned backend engineer with a passion for managing people. Along the path of his varied experience in developing products, tools, and frameworks, he has learned to enjoy relaxed and targeted coding. He is a fan of optimizing everything in both his technical and personal lives. For example, he particularly enjoys optimizing his driving by predicting others' maneuvers and practicing effortlessly smooth movements. Vitalii used to be reckless with his interests in extreme sports before he got married, but now he's a calm dad who likes to bike/roller skate/walk/play with the family.

  • Isaac Anastasoff


    Isaac is a senior in high school helping PlanetScale with HR and management initiatives. Through the daily routine, Isaac has learned the skills of working in and around an office space. Isaac plans to major in Computer Science in college and pursue a career in the tech industry. At school, Isaac is the president/founder of his high school's speech and debate club, where he runs debates, organizes meetings, and arranges trips to conferences. Isaac’s favorite pastimes are surfing with his twin brother at Half Moon Bay and swimming.