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Scaler Pro
1 primary database
1/8 vCPU · 1 GB memory
2 replicas
1/8 vCPU · 1 GB memory (each)
Clusters are deployed across 3 availability zones

Storage includes replica usage. Binary log files are not counted.

Use the same region as your application for best performance.

Estimated total:
$39 / month
Get started with a $10 usage credit

Horizontal sharding

Up to 64 cores and 256 GB memory per shard

Our cloud or yours

Multi or single-tenant or in your own AWS / GCP account

Vitess expertise

Augment your team with our database experts

Business support

Enhanced response times from support engineers
Starting at $3,000 / mo
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Scaler ProEnterprise
Storage10 GB included
  • Autoscales at $0.50 per instance per additional GB.
    (1 primary + 2 replicas = $1.50 / GB)
  • Storage includes replica usage. Binary log files are not counted.
Availability zones33
Production branches1 included
  • Additional production branches are pay-as-you-go
Development branches~1,440 development branch hours / month
  • 2× the hours of the current month.
  • Additional usage billed per-second. Read more
Concurrent connections10,000Unlimited
Query insights retention7 daysConfigurable
Horizontal shardingConfigurable
Deployment optionsMulti-tenantMulti-tenant, Single-tenant, or in your AWS or GCP account
Read-only regionsPay-as-you-goPay-as-you-go
Single sign-onAvailable for $199 / month
Audit log retention6 monthsUnlimited
Automatic backupsEvery 12 hours
  • Additional backups can be configured
SupportStandard Support
  • Business Support available
Business Support
  • Enterprise Support with 15 minute SLA available
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Frequenty asked questions

Will I be charged for usage and storage for database branches?
Yes, usage across all of your database branches is included in your plan limits.
Can I change my cluster size at any time on the Scaler Pro plan?
Yes, you can change your cluster size at any time, on your own, online, without dropping client connections. It will take a few minutes to complete.
Do you offer any Scaler Pro annual plans with discounts?
Check out the Discounts documentation page for more information on Scaler Pro discounts.