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PlanetScale for payments

Secure transactions. Low latency. Happy users.

A slow loading site increases the shopping cart abandonment rate by 75%. Every second your customers wait for your site to load, increases the likelihood of lost revenue. Don’t let a slow database hurt your business, build on the PlanetScale database platform that scales on-demand and empowers your teams to ship and innovate faster.

Unlimited scale

PlanetScale is built on the Vitess engine that is used by hyperscalers like GitHub, YouTube, and Square. Whether you have 1GB or 100TB of data, your teams can focus on building your product without worrying about downtime, rebalancing, or pre-provisioning capacity.

Secure workflows

Reduce your time to market and increase your developer velocity with workflows that are fully integrated into the engineering workflow. Changes that used to take days or weeks can now happen securely in minutes.

Secure and transparent pricing

Don’t maintain what you don’t need or pay for what you don’t use. Truly Serverless pricing for a Serverless database.

The last database you'll ever need

Your business deserves a predictable database.

Never worry about another 3am wake-up call saying the site is down. Give your engineers the power they deserve with a PlanetScale database today.