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MySQL Sharding

Shard your MySQL database with PlanetScale

  • Shard without application changes
  • Save money on infrastructure
  • Unlimited scale and high database performance — you don’t have to choose.
  • Up to 1,000× faster queries
  • Automated migration process

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Change management workflow

Accelerate development

With a git-like workflow for database change management, teams can move with confidence and accelerate development. Spin up isolated database instances to validate schema changes before they get to production. Alter your database schema without taking your database offline or interrupting normal operations.

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Linearly scale

Scale at your fingertips

PlanetScale gives you an unlimited number of database shards and unlimited client connections — all without adding complexity to your application. Get improved load balancing using 1 primary and 2 replica clusters per shard, so your application stays up even with unexpected traffic spikes.

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Migrate to PlanetScale

Barstool Sports saved 20-30% by switching to PlanetScale

“It was pretty obvious that if PlanetScale could handle our traffic that we would be in much better shape. It did things like query collapsing and connection pools which we were very excited about, and most importantly didn’t require us to implement the orchestration layer.”

—Andrew Barba, CTO, Barstool Sports

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Battle-tested technology

Don’t let your data layer take down your business. Rely on the tech used by GitHub and everyone who needs to truly never lose a write to their database. MySQL has been reliable forever, now it’s also easy to manage.

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Let us tailor to your specific needs — maximizing resource efficiency and pinpointing opportunities for cost savings in your existing infrastructure.