Bring your database into the DevOps cycle

A database that deploys, rolls back, and monitors itself

We know the benefits of DevOps in software development, like faster product delivery and continuous integration. Why wouldn’t we want the same for our database? Make your database a nimble and additive part of the software development process with a PlanetScale database today.

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Database DevOps

Bringing the database into the DevOps cycle

Until PlanetScale, the database has existed as an amorphous blob of state that engineers and operators have to tiptoe around. Building out a DevOps toolchain allows you to write code, build, test, deploy, and monitor. Over the last decade, databases are nowhere to be seen in this space. So, we set about to build something totally new: A database that can be natively part of the DevOps process. Deploy database changes using the semantics we’ve become used to in code deployments: automation, safeguards, and rollbacks.


Branch your production database to create a development environment

Branch your production database to create a development environment.

  • Test schema changes before deploying to production

  • Share for collaboration or previews in a cloud-hosted environment

  • Automate the task of creating branches with our CLI

Deploy Requests

Safely put schema changes into production with limited downtime

Roll schema changes into production with the ability to rollback in case of error.

  • Deploy schema changes into production online without locking

  • Comment on suggested changes, as well as require approval and sign off

  • Rollback your database deploy without data loss and reinstate the old version of the schema

Query Monitoring

Monitor and continually improve application performance

PlanetScale Insights gives you the ability to monitor queries in real time.

  • Identify troubling queries in seconds, with real-time performance feedback

  • View an interactive graph that shows when deploys have happened contrasted against your performance data

  • Gain insight and continually improve your application’s performance

Let us scale your database

Can your database deploy, rollback, and monitor itself?

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