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Migrate from Google Cloud SQL to PlanetScale

Cut your Google Cloud bill

It’s almost always more cost-effective to run on PlanetScale than Google Cloud SQL. PlanetScale is a MySQL database platform that provides:

  • Lower cost of infrastructure
  • Truly managed and optimize database
  • Optimized costs that scale linearly with you
  • Superior load balancing and IOPS optimization

PlanetScale was an easy choice for us on the technology and support alone. However, we were also able to generate meaningful savings on our AWS bill and reinvest that into growing our business.
Todd Berman, Chief Technology Officer, Attentive


Migrate to PlanetScale

Barstool Sports saved 20-30% by switching to PlanetScale

“It was pretty obvious that if PlanetScale could handle our traffic that we would be in much better shape. It did things like query collapsing and connection pools which we were very excited about, and most importantly didn’t require us to implement the orchestration layer.”

—Andrew Barba, CTO, Barstool Sports

The most cost-effective way to scale MySQL

Scale with the experts

Don’t let your database be a box that Amazon or Google checks to standardize their managed service. PlanetScale will optimize your database cluster and load balancing environment for performance and cost-efficiency. Always right-sized instances, a sharding scheme unique to your data, and much more.

Linear scale at your fingertips

Seamlessly scale with a linear cost infrastructure. Say goodbye to step-function jumps in database cluster size and cost. PlanetScale gives you an unlimited number of database shards and unlimited client connections — all without adding complexity to your application.

Battle-tested technology

Don’t let your data layer take down your business. Get always right-sized instances, so you never over provision again. Improved load balancing using 1 primary and 2 replica clusters per shard. Your application stays up, even with unexpected traffic spikes.

Accelerate development

With a Git-like workflow for database change management, teams can move with confidence and accelerate development. Spin up isolated database instances to validate schema changes before they get to production. Alter your database schema without taking your database offline or interrupting normal operations.

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Enterprise pricing

Custom pricing that fits your needs

Let us tailor a pricing structure to your specific needs — maximizing resource efficiency and pinpointing opportunities for cost savings in your existing infrastructure.