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PlanetScale and Vitess

Horizontally shard MySQL without the hassle

Get an eloquent sharding solution with PlanetScale. Minimal application changes required. Powered by Vitess.

PlanetScale is trusted by companies you know and love.

Minimal application changes

Avoid the complexity of application level sharding

  • Get the power of Vitess and horizontally sharded MySQL
  • Remove the complexity and costs associated with app-level sharding
  • Unlimited runway for growth without re-architecting your application

Reduce the load on any single database

Distribute your workload across several databases.

Break through your vertical scaling roof

Overcome vertical scaling and replica constraints.

Never re-architect your entire application

Shard with minimal app-modifications.

Sharding scheme

Designed-for-you sharding scheme

Get a sharding design by the team that maintains Vitess and has scaled systems to billions of MAU.

Smart resource management

Never over-provision again

Leaps in hardware lead to spikey infrastructure costs. Scale linearly with PlanetScale and provision to your needs.

Horizontally shard with
Vitess under the hood

Built on the technology developed to scale to billions of users. PlanetScale unlocks the power of Vitess, without configuring it yourself.