On-demand Tech Talk

Building SaaS applications on PlanetScale and Netlify

In this tech talk, PlanetScale and Netlify join forces to cover how to integrate PlanetScale into Netlify Functions for common SaaS application use cases.


Want to see how the new Netlify integration for PlanetScale can help you build faster?

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What’s covered:

  • A brief introduction to PlanetScale and Netlify platforms
  • How the new Netlify integration for PlanetScale makes database connections and deployment easier
  • Live code authentication functionality using Netlify Functions and PlanetScale
  • How to use PlanetScale branching and deploy requests as part of your development workflow on Netlify to drive faster and richer developer experiences
  • Explore other examples of typical SaaS applications use cases, like user usage and billing


Taylor Barnett

Taylor Barnett

Staff Developer Advocate, PlanetScale

Taylor Barnett is a Staff Developer Advocate at PlanetScale. She is passionate about building great developer experiences emphasizing empathy within product, integrations, and documentation. For the past decade, she has worked at various data and API-focused startups in software development and developer relations.


Ed Stephinson

Technical Lead, Integrations, Netlify

Ed Stephinson, Technical Lead of the Integrations team at Netlify, leads the development of integrations to help Netlify users streamline their workflows and improve their productivity. He has a passion for creating great developer experiences, at any scale, and has built products everywhere ranging from small startups to large international enterprises.

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