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MySQL scaling made easy: sharding, connection pooling, and more

Learn how to solve your MySQL scaling issues from a seasoned Solutions Architect who has spent over a decade helping companies scale.


Need help working through common database scaling and performance issues that can lead to downtime and incidents?

Fill out the form for access to this on-demand webinar, where PlanetScale’s Jonah Berquist, who scaled databases at Twitter and built the Database Infrastructure team at GitHub, will show you how to get ahead of database scaling issues.

What’s covered:

  • Common MySQL scaling and performance issues
  • Techniques that enable massive scale: sharding, connection pooling, and more
  • A crash course on Vitess — the technology that scaled YouTube in its early days and continues to scale huge companies like GitHub, Slack, Etsy, and more.
  • An introduction to PlanetScale: how we make it easy to leverage Vitess and some of the developer-friendly features we’ve built on top


Jonah Berquist

Jonah Berquist

Head of Technical Solutions, PlanetScale

Jonah Berquist leads the Technical Solutions team at PlanetScale. His background is in running databases at scale. He previously did Database Reliability Engineering work at Twitter, and then built and led the Database Infrastructure team at GitHub.

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