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Faster MySQL with HTTP/3

Take a deep dive into some of our experimentation around HTTP/3 and the MySQL protocol in this Tech Talk from PlanetScale’s Lead Infrastructure Engineer for our Edge connectivity.


Want to get a technical deep dive into some of the technology driving our serverless driver for JavaScript, PlanetScale Connect, and other PlanetScale features?

Fill out the form to access this on-demand Tech Talk where PlanetScale‘s Matt Robenolt, the Lead Infrastructure Engineer for Edge connectivity, will explain our findings regarding HTTP/3 and the MySQL protocol.

What’s covered:

  • Pros and cons of the MySQL protocol and why we‘re exploring alternatives
  • Background on HTTP/3 and QUIC, and how these related to gRPC
  • Overview of our experimentations with HTTP/3 and what this means for you
  • How these new capabilities have influenced new products like our serverless driver for JavaScript, PlanetScale Connect, and our in-dashboard web console.


Matt Robenolt

Matt Robenolt

Infrastructure Engineer, PlanetScale

Matt leads the Edge connectivity team at PlanetScale, and previously focused on scaling, building product, and optimizing infrastructure at Sentry and Disqus.

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