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The latest PlanetScale features and product launches.

October 28, 2021

Updates to our pricing

We’ve updated our Scaler plan to make it a better option for our users. As a part of these changes, we’ll be including 500 million rows read, 50 million rows written, and 25 GB of storage in the plan and charging a monthly fee of $29. For usage and storage above the included amounts, we’ll be charging $1.50 per 10 million row reads, $1.50 per 1 million row writes, and $1.25 per GB of storage.

For larger organizations, we now offer a customizable, resource-based Enterprise plan that includes features like Single sign-on, unlimited database branches, premium support, and more.

To ensure we can provide the best quality service for our free Developer plan databases, we will be limiting the number of Developer plan databases to one per organization.

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