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October 14, 2021

Branch promotion to production

We’ve made a few changes to how branches work in PlanetScale. Now whenever you create a database, your main branch will be a development branch by default, allowing you to start making changes to the schema instantaneously, without needing to use deploy requests. When you're done hacking around and ready to make your database production-ready, you can promote your branch to production, which enables high-availability and direct DDL protection (sorry Little Bobby Tables). Additionally, you can promote multiple branches if you so desire, so if you want to have a staging database branch that’s also protected, we can do that for you!

Lastly, we’ve introduced the concept of a default branch. Before, main was the default branch and that wasn’t able to be changed. But now, you can select whatever you want as the default branch. One thing to note, the first branch that gets promoted to production will become the default branch.

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