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$ pscale ping

How close am I to PlanetScale? Use our new CLI command, pscale ping, to find out.

$ pscale ping

How close am I to PlanetScale? Which region should I choose for my database?

These might be oddly difficult questions to answer — for many reasons. Maybe you want a development branch that's closest to you, the developer, at your house. Or your application is deployed into an infrastructure provider that isn't AWS or GCP. Or, you're just curious.

Now, with pscale ping, you can easily determine which region is most optimal based on your location. This CLI command lists the latency for every region based on your location.

Try it out yourself by installing our CLI. For best results, run pscale ping from within the same environment as your application, or wherever you'd expect to be connecting to it.

It's quite a small thing, but we think will be super useful if you are not sure which is best for your situation!

You can find more information in our Network latency documentation.