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PlanetScale is now generally available

It has been an incredible six months since we released our product in beta. From the outset, we focused on creating a platform that would delight developers, built on top of the only open source database proven at hyper scale, Vitess. For years, our technology has allowed companies like Square, GitHub, and YouTube to scale their database and, in turn, their businesses. Our mission is to bring this power to everyone.

We believe databases should be powerful, easy to use, and have impeccable developer experience. This is why we chose to build our serverless platform so that developers can be productive without ever having to worry about scale.

The beginning of this journey was December 1st, 2020. This was when the first line of code was committed on PlanetScale’s cloud database platform. Everything you see and experience on our platform, apart from Vitess, has been created in less than a year. This incredible pace will not stop. We are on a mission to bring in a new era for databases.

So far, the journey has been wild. There are already major sites running on top of the platform with some of the world’s largest brands working with us to solve their database challenges. The response from the community has been almost overwhelming. We have felt your love and excitement and it’s incredibly energizing.

All of this energy and momentum has led us to our last announcement. I am excited to say that we have closed $50M in Series C funding led by Kleiner Perkins. We are proud to welcome Bucky Moore to our board and are delighted to be working with him. The round includes further investments from our existing investors a16z, SignalFire and Insight Partners, alongside new investments from Tom Preston-Werner, Max Mullen, and Jack Altman.

I am so incredibly proud of the PlanetScale team. They bring an unrelenting spirit and love for our mission. This is a group of people who are deeply unsatisfied with the state of databases and show up every day to build the future. To date, we have not even exposed 10% of Vitess’ power and functionality. We have truly only just begun.

Thank you team, and thank you to our community. We are doing this for you: the builders, the optimists, the creators, the scalers.

Sam Lambert

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