What We Offer

Turbocharge your MySQL infrastructure with PlanetScale’s products that offer everything from a fully managed cloud service, to tools and support for Vitess.

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  • Database-as-a-Service

    Let us take on the complexities of Vitess. We’ll help you spin out multi-cloud Vitess clusters without any of the operational overhead. Choose from a multi-region deployment in a single cloud or a multi-cloud environment with masters and replicas spread around the globe. Whatever your scaling needs, we’re here to meet them.
  • Cluster Manager Software Licenses

    Don’t need a full offering? License the software we use for our DbaaS customers and run it in your own cloud deployment or on premise. You can administer it yourself or have us carry the pager.
  • Open Source Vitess Support

    Get support from the co-creators of Vitess for your deployment with the option to escalate critical issues.
  • Professional Services & Training

    Leverage our expertise to train your team. We tailor our training to your use case, creating a custom Vitess deployment and management curriculum for your DBAs and engineers.