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Have you experienced database scaling issues, performance problems, or any other concerns with your database? Are you still on MySQL 5.7 and not sure how to upgrade as 5.7 EOL approaches? In this 30 minute session, Mike Hamrick, PlanetScale Solutions Engineer and seasoned DBA at some of the largest web companies, will give you an opportunity to discuss your database problems and walk you through potential fixes.

If you’re not even sure where to begin, Mike will ask you some questions to help guide the conversation to understand where any issues might exist.

Additional information:

  • No cost and no catch.
  • No access to your database required.
  • We won’t run any auditing tools on your database. This is simply an opportunity for you to pick the brain of someone that’s been solving database performance and scaling issues for decades.


Mike Hamrick

Mike Hamrick

Solutions Engineer, PlanetScale

Mike has worked on Engineering teams at some of the largest web companies, such as Microsoft, Amazon,, Twitter, and Stripe. Most recently, he was an SRE at Stripe prior to joining PlanetScale. He also worked at a managed database services company called Blue Gecko for five years, where he supported and advised on a wide range of database issues.

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