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    KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2019

    17 Nov - 20 Nov, 2019 · San Diego, California


    • Scaling Resilient Systems: A Journey into Slack's Database Service

      Rafael ChacónGuido Iaquinti

      Monitoring and observability are important concepts, especially in complex and distributed systems. Redundancy and defensive programming are important as well, but sometimes they are not enough. Designing systems to minimize the blast radius when the unexpected happens is often the key.

      In this talk, Rafael and Guido will share a general overview about how Slack designed, build, scaled and then iterated to improve its distributed database service based on top of Vitess, now a CNCF project. The Databases team at Slack scaled a vitess cluster from 0 to spikes of 1.2 Million queries per second.

      We would also discuss talk about the importance of engaging with open source communities when adopting new systems that are mission critical for organizations.

    • How to Migrate a MySQL Database to Vitess

      Morgan Tocker Sugu Sougoumarane

      Vitess is a cloud-native storage solution that can scale indefinitely.

      This session will cover a high level overview of all the Vitess features, the architecture, and what database workloads are a good fit.

      We will then walk through a demo of live-migrating an existing MySQL installation into Vitess. Because Vitess also speaks the MySQL protocol, it is easy to retrofit scaling into your existing database systems.

    • Building a Database as a Service on Kubernetes

      Abhi VaidyanathaLucy Burns

      Stateful, scalable storage on Kubernetes is an unsolved problem. Creating it as a service is even more difficult. The cloud-native ecosystem offers many tools such as the operator-sdk, Prometheus, Grafana, etcd, Vitess, and much more, but integrating them isn't necessarily intuitive. Two of PlanetScale's employees that have engineered and managed the project describe the journey of leveraging all of these open source technologies to build out a database as a service on Kubernetes.